In December of 2014, The MOCCHA (Men of Color Connected for Higher Achievement) Foundation was organically formed as a result of research being conducted as a thesis on African-American male youth. The work included data that chronicled the daily number(s) of African-American homicides occurring in the communities of Chicago. Unfortunately this was not just a local issue but was happening in other cities across the United States.

The epidemic of gun violence has touched the minds and hearts of all Americans directly and indirectly from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. Many movements and initiatives arose including BlackLivesMatter and AllLivesMatter which appeared to once again divide our nation instead of bring about healing and positive solutions.

MOCCHA seeks to become a part of the solution by providing alternatives and opportunities to young men of color in a variety of ways. Our basic foundational tenet will be to mentor and educate young men to adulthood specifically in the inner city about the challenges of growing up as adolescents and to offer positive choices and resolution. These opportunities include but are not limited to; after-school programs, nature trips, sports activities, and other cultural impactful events while imploring them simultaneously to strive for Academic excellence.

We Also Want To Offer:

  • Pre ACT and SAT Testing Preparation
  • College Scholarships
  • Financial Literacy
  • Mentor and Mentee Opportunities
  • Overnight Traveling to Specific State Landmarks
  • Vocational Trades
  • Faith-based Instruction
  • Sports Camps